Monday, January 24, 2005

Tolerance or humility?

Yesterday afternoon, I met up with my project mates, X,P and L.
As usual, X gave me the cold shoulder. I found there was no reason to. Perhaps she was just finding an axe to grind. I happened to be an unfortunate "victim'. L is playing the usual role-the authoriative mistress. And P is nonchalant. I was supposed to do a task delegated by X with P. As usual, X had the false impression that P did her job and was up to task. Behind all this. I was the sacrificial "lamb" or rather scapegoat. X would rather believe that it was I who did nothing and P was the conscientious one. Well, what can I say? When someone looks at you with tinted glasses, things will go out of proportion. I can only do to my best of my ability. Ultimately, I am out to please God and not man.
I always feel uncomfortable in the company of the three of them. It's an unexplainable feeling.
Somehow or rather, I simply cannot fit in.
With them,time seems to pass so awfully slow. In 2 months, all these will soon be over.
However, it feels like eternity.Until the day,I shall persevere till the end. It's the race I am in and I am competing with nobody else but myself. Only with God's help will I make it through.