Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Hair Problem...

You wouldn't believe that as I was watching television last night, I started scratching the back of my head and realized tiny flakes of dandruff falling off. It was so itchy that I reached for my hairbrush and was trying to soothe my itchness to no avail. So I decided to head into the bathroom and take a shower and gave my hair a thorough scrub. I loaded up lots of shampoo in the hope of getting rid of the itch. My mum was shocked at the amount I poured on my scalp. It was about half the bottle. She suggested I seeked treatment but I was embarrassed. I can only detail it on my blog. Can Yun Nam Haircare help? Gosh,I think the itch is coming again! I know that “There are always solutions with Yun Nam

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Singapore Entertainment Awards 2011

I want to attend Singapore Entertainment Awards 2011 because I KNOW ALL THE BIG NAMES IN ENTERTAINMENT will be gracing the event.

Plus I want to be part of the exclusive few or many to have the first hand news on who's going to get the awards.

I am sure there will be lots of camera clicking and video clips! I may be just one of them!
So for a chance at being the liveliest and happening party of the entertainment world, I am definitely gonna take a chance at winning a pair of exclusive tickets!

Hmm,who am I going to bring?? *puts on thinking cap* Who would look good next to me, walking down the red carpet if there is any....

Do check out the below links for more information if you are interested and look out for my post on whom I have decided to bring to the event. Should I bring one of my fans/readers of my blog? Or the cute guy next door who watches Channel 8 dramas?

Mark the date down in your calendars cos many people are gonna be crowned winners in the entertainment circle!

Venue:Spore Indoor Stadium
Date: 2 April 2011
Time: 7pm
Ticket Price:$128 (limited stage front standing & seated tickets)、$88、$68、$38 (fee subject to GST & Sistic charges)
Get your tickets now at all sistic outlets!

"I want to win 3 sessions of Babor Facial by At Beauty Wellness!"

Do you know that your face is very important,ladies?
Taking care of our face is vital as everyday,we meet people and impressions count.

Therefore,at least once every month,ladies need to do a facial.Facials have been proven to deep clean, detoxify and balance the skin's metabolism. Not only that but doing facials help to minimize and refine pores, soften and improve skin texture and prevent the formation of wrinkles by impeding the aging process.

Ta-dah! Now you have the secret or rather not so secret to staying youthful. So rather than searching for the elixir of youth,just go for monthly facials,that would do the trick!

In addition to their beneficial effects, facials are also a relaxing, soothing form of self-care. Done by professionals, this creates a quiet time which not only affects the skin in a positive manner, but aids in stilling a busy mind for an over-all healing process. Through soothing massage, stress reduction occurs, relaxing the whole body. Professional facials are therapeutic for the mind, body and soul.

Like exercise for the face and neck, facials are an important delivery system for stimulating red blood cells. By utilizing micronized, highly concentrated ingredients available only to the professional, vital nutrients are absorbed into the cells which help encourage collagen production, a major component necessary for the skin's elasticity and strength. Skin circulation, lymphatic drainage and proper sebaceous secretion are improved, creating healthier skin.
Another important aspect is the exfoliation process. Unlike home treatments, more layers of dead skin cells are removed, exposing a fresh new surface. With this deeper exfoliation, cellular renewal becomes possible by penetrating active, concentrated ingredients into the skin where they are utilized on a deep cellular level that cannot be achieved with home skin care products.
The skin's condition is a reflection of the body's overall well being and a mirror to our lifestyle. To promote optimally healthy skin, we suggest a facial every four to six weeks. If a specific disorder or concern is being addressed, then plan a series of treatments with a follow up once a month. If facials are not currently a part of your overall lifestyle, then you may want to reward yourself with a little healthy pampering. You deserve it!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

That Should Have Been a Post-it® Super Sticky Note!

Hey readers,

This contest is definitely worth considering entering!

Cash prizes!! How often do you get cash??

Hesitate no further! I wish I could wish a sticky note to inform all my colleagues at work to enter this contest! It will be so hilarious!

You’ve used Post-it® Notes but what about Post-it® Super Sticky Notes? They hold stronger and longer, and stick practically on any surfaces! Once you have try Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, trust me, you wouldn’t settle for other notes that don’t stick as well! To top that, Post-it® brand is back with another super sticky contest this year and there’s a total of up to $800 cash prize for grabs!!
We have all been there before… An important message gets lost due to the sticky note, well, being not sticky enough. Unable to reach its intended recipient, it resulted in disastrous or embarrassing consequences.

Knowing how media savvy we all are in this day and age,I am assuming it's gonna be thousands of entries. But I always one of the first few to get hold of news cos I am a Glitterati Nuffnanger so you heard it from me first!

Hurry up and stick it!! Be it a video or a photo! It's definitely worth a try!!
Check out the link below!