Thursday, September 29, 2011


So well, I tried playing Reveal the Steel Missions online on

It was not easy...I tell you.

I was able to uncover Charlie Kenton's past, was knocked out in WRB(World Robots Boxing- out of 5 questions, I only got 3 right.I tried in vain to train Atom(he's one stubborn robot) and finally gave up on finding Atom to train.

In total, I got 2200 points(in my case,I think it's a worthy effort). If you think you can beat the score and aim for a minimum 5000 points.

There will be a draw conducted to pick the winner among all who have successfully competed Reveal The Steel missions with more than 5000 points.

And the prize is a set of Real Steel figurines and a Real Steel WRB Main Event Ring play set!

The top 30 players with the highest points will enter into a draw and 15 players will be selected for glory and awarded with an exclusive Real Steel movie premiums pack. The prize includes a Real Steel movie premiums and a pair of complimentary movie passe

Oh yeah, one more important thing, you have to catch the movie, Real Steel!! 

It not only stars the dashing Hugh Jackman. The graphics were amazing and Atom, the Robot, was given so much life that I cheered him just like any other hero! This is not just any other movie about robots, it also tells a heartwarming story of a father-son relationship.

Dakota Goyo, the actor that played Max Kenton, was chosen from thousands of actors and you will see why. He not only “steels” the movie, but he “steels” my heart!

The movie, Real Steel, will steel your hearts on October 6th! 

Monday, September 26, 2011


DO-UGH is used to make pizza
MI-LLIONS have passed through the doors of the restaurant chain
NO-BODY has ever said no to the delicious chocolate-filled lava cake.

I enjoyed stuffing myself silly with Domino's Pizza one Thursday evening. Met some awesome techie bloggers and had a blast chatting and getting to know them.

Classic Hand-Tossed Pizza, Hawaiian Paradise and  Extravaganzza

Look at the spread of food! How can one say No??

Miss Hasfahlinda Hassan, the Marketing Manager of Domino's Singapore and Malaysia.

Chrissie : "30 minutes guarantee! 15 minutes take-out guarantee!"
Valentine: "Too good to be true! I have to see it with my own eyes to believe it!"

Fast and Furious! Delivery order delivered right on time!

Ta Da! The delivery man appeared in like what?? 18 minutes!! Unbelievable!

No GST or delivery charge? Are you kidding me??

If there's one food item that you must try at Domino's Pizza, it has to be the CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE! It's yummy to the max!!

You must not forget to try the CRAZY CHICKEN CRUNCHIES with the cheese dip!
You will definitely love it at first bite!

Hurry, place your order at and get 50% off for Golden Roasted Drumlets or Crazy Chicken Crunchies Spicy Tom Yam when you order Cheese Burst Meal online now!

Operating Hours: 11am-11pm daily
Delivery Hotline: 6222-6333

Did you know?
SINGAPORE is the 67th country with DOMINO'S PIZZA presence!

Monday, September 05, 2011


Have you ever stood outside a store or restaurant for hours or even wanting to impress your date?

Here's a solution:

Notikum was designed with consumers in mind. It is available on the web and as an app on iPhone and Android phones.

It will direct you offers and exclusive deals based on your search findings, current location and the best part of all, the credit cards you hold (so do sign up for an account on their site)

The app is personalised, user-friendly and customized with the consumers in mind. I give it two thumbs up and I heard there are more deals for other types of cards in the pipeline. Which means not only credit card holders benefit but the usual NTUC card trotting auntie is able to find out what promotions are available.

With Notikum, you need scroll through or waste your time scouring the best deal in town, with a click of a few buttons, it can find out based on your search results.

So what are you waiting for? Check out their app or their website: for the best Mooncake deals in town!